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Style #1

Style #2

Shirt, Vest, & Hat

    The Shirt comes in standard white with lacy cuffs and attached  cravat.  the Hat comes standard black and is trimmed to match your vest choice.  the vest itself comes in two styles* with choice of either gold or silver accents. Fits most chest sizes in 40's range, and sports a half back, ideal for wear with a vented frock
3pc Set in Style #1............$395.00
3pc Set in Style #2............$450.00

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Style #1

Style #2

Frock Coat & Pants

       The Frock Coat and Pants are truly some of our most glorious items.  No Pirate worth his salt  should ever be without a Coat of this caliber.  Indeed, if ever it was obvious who the captain is, it would be the man dressed in one of these.

 Style #1 has cornered French style cuffs with full length sleeves, lowered welt pocket with flip, and button hole detail down both fronts and back vent.

  Style #2 differs by having a 3/4 length sleeve with rounded French cuffs, upright welt pockets with detailing,  and right shoulder tuff.

Style #3 is the Classic "morgan" style coat. simple, yet elegant. this coat is the usual choice for mauraders and pirates of dubious renouned

  These Frocks are expertly tailored with suit-fronts, shoulder pads, and a full lining. Each coat is individually made and may vary slightly. Pants are black twill knickers.

2pc Set in Style #1............$695.00
2pc Set in Style #2............$650.00
2pc Set in Style #3............$675.00

Coat Options: 

Embroidery Color:
Gold  Silver  Copper

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Style #1


Coat Style

Coat Embroidery:
Gold  Silver  Copper

Vest Style

 Baldric & Gloves
 Baldric & glove Style
Wig color










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Style #2


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    Pictured left, Style#1 Black velvet Coat with gold embroidery, Red Brocade vest in style#2, Maroon Baldric & Gloves in gold style# 1, standard package shirt, hat, and pants. Brown Wig. Wig included with ultimate Pirate, only at this time. (Boots, Sword, and Goat-te not included.)

* Please note, styles may vary slightly

Baldric & Gloves

    Although seemingly optional, The Baldric and Glove set is mandatory. Not only the perfect addition to any Pirate, it is the signature of a high ranking officer. A Captain would go no where without them, indeed, a Pirate without a baldric is like a ship without a mast. These very ornate items add not only beauty but purpose to any outfit as the baldric is  factional with leather frog that allows for a large range of sword sizes. (sword not included)

Set in Style #1.................$395.00
Set in Style #2.................$350.00

The Ultimate Pirate

    The Ultimate Pirate is the whole Captains package:  Coat, vest, pants, shirt, hat, baldric, gloves, and yes even the Wig. Separately this package would cost no less than $1,495.00, but if you're willing to look this good, you should be rewarded with a package discount.  Getting the Package, gives you more to spend on the ladies that will flock to you.  (Woman love a man in uniform!)

Ultimate Pirate (style #1)........$1,295.00
Ultimate Pirate (style #2)........$1,195.00
Ultimate Pirate (style #3)........$1,255.00


Style #3


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