Tooled Leather Baldric w/ Custom buckle set

   These Tooled leather baldrics are our latest addition to the fine items that only we carry.  We searched long and hard to find buckle sets for our 2 1/4" Baldrics but sadly they simply didnt exist. We finally came to the end conclution that if we wanted this buckle sets, we would have to make them, and so we did. these matching buckle sets are of our own design and produced in house. presently they are a 4 piece set which includes the main buckle, 2 frog buckles and a belt tip. We currently offer them in Black, Brown, or Ox blood. Buckle sets are current only avalable in Silver, antique bronze coming soon.

Leather Baldric....................$175.00

Leather Color

Buckle Color:
 Antique Bronze     Antique Silver

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Celtic Brooch
  We offer several Brooches to go with our travel cloaks. the one pictured here comes standard with every travel cloak purchase.




Celtic Brooch........................$35.00

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Braided Brooch
  We offer several Brooches to go with our travel cloaks. the one pictured here is available for only $30 as an upgrade with every travel cloak purchase.

Braided Brooch......................$65.00


 Stone color:
Ruby   Emerald   Diamond

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Braided Brooch

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