King Henry VIII
It is said that King Henry VIII spent over 16,000 ducats a year on his wardrobe. That's over 5 million dollars by today's standards! Most of these, he wore only once.

This outfit puts all other "Henry Costumes" to shame. Includes tunic, sir coat, and hat. Styling of Henry may vary, as we are always attempting to improve our designs and workmanship. Our Henry is the only one offered with all exact replica trimming you can only get from us. 
King Henry VIII................... $1,525.00 
King Henry VIII w/ Chain.... $1,775.00

Coat Options:

Tunic Options:

Gold accent        Silver accent

Chain of Office:
without Chain    with Chain







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Sir Francis Drake


no fencing cape  with fencing cape

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     Sir Francis Drake was the inspiration for this sharp Doublet with optional fencing caplet. Matching pantaloons may be offered in the near future.   All custom embroidery is used in trimming the collar, dags, wigs, and fencing cape.  This trim is an exact replica of one used on an actual Elizabethan outfit, and not only takes 14 hours of machine time per set to run, but contains almost 1,000,000 stitches. This Doublet also features a Pant placate, used to attach the waist of the pant to the doublet via ties of ribbon.
   Our version  is fully lined and features all functional buttons down center front, at the forearm and cuff. in addition, doublet is tailored with interfacing and suit-front. Due to the fitted nature of this doublet, three sizes are offered.

  Sir Francis Drake (Doublet only)............$545.00
  Sir Francis Drake (Doublet&Caplet).....$945.00


Solid bronze "S" Chain of Office


 *Pictured right is the full embroidery of the drake    caplet,  as you can  see
the embroidery is
                   extensive to
                  say the least.

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