The Traveling Cloak (left) has panels that overlap to keep out the night chill or rain. When sunny, the front panel sweeps dramatically over the shoulder. Held with a Celtic broach you never have to unfasten, a hidden button at the neck allows easy access. Due to the unique design not one but both front panels can be swept back over the shoulder without choking the neck.  This cloak gained favor during the many military campaigns across Europe as not only was it useful against the elements but when closed also kept all your recently oiled weapons clean from dust kicked up on long marches. Trinity & Dwaven brooches available soon.  Braided Brooch w/ Ruby pictured inset

Traveling Cloak w/ Standard Brooch.........$275.00
Traveling Cloak w/ Brooch upgrade..........$335.00

Poet Shirt

A favorite of Authentic Wardrobe. Gathered shirt with peak collar, yoke and our unique forearm cuff design with grommets and lacing at wrist and neck

Poet Shirt w/laces.................65.00

Dandy Shirt

   Body style is similar to standard Poet shirt with exceptions being the large lacy collar and matching French cuffs.  This shirt is perfect for the Cavalier whether in the saddle, on the field, or with the ladies.

Dandy Shirt ......................95.00

Desired Color:


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 Desired Color:



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Plain mantling
Satin trimming

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Please note: Trimmed version shown here, trim and lining  come in black only.

guests that would come to parties or events put on by the host.   The cloak was so versatile that it soon gained favor with the higher social classes, at that point this cloak was worn by just about whomever could afford one.  Our version of this fine cloak make of 7 oz twill and lined with satin.

Coachman's Cloak.........................$395.00
Coachman's Cloak w/trim..............$465.00

Coachman's Cloak

       The Coachman's Cloak (right) is  a classic example of late 18th century fashion.  It sports a two tier mantel, high standing collar, and optional satin trimming on tiers.   Traditionally, this cloak was part of a footman or coachman's uniform, the idea being to dress all the servants in military style uniforms and create a sense of respect and security  for the   many 

Fur-Lined Cloak
An oh-so soft velvet cloak with simulated arctic fox fur lining. Full kinsdale style hood with satin lining. This cloak comes in a variety of colors with linings to match either fur or velvet.  Some furs may not by available at time of order.
Fur-Lined Cloak....................$250.00


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(Black & Arctic Fox pictured here)

Colonial Shirt

   This shirt would be worn by gentry from the mid 1650's thru the 1830's. It is the quintessential period shirt and looks good with a wide variety of frock coats from military uniform  of the period to suits worn by the Nobility.  Shirt includes a built-in jabot and ruffle cuffs.

Colonial Shirt ......................85.00

(Off-white pictured here)

(White pictured here)

Standard Cloak

     The standard Cloak is a traditional favorite of most every adventurer. In-climate weather and travel while questing, make this item of gear essential. It features a metallic button closure at center front, black exterior and choice of lining color.

     If a color exterior is required, we recommend the Traveling Cloak, listed below.

Standard Cloak...................



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Traveling Cloak

Cloak Style:

Brooch Style:
Standard  Braided  Trinity Dwarven

Stone color: (only for braided brooch)
N/A   Ruby   Emerald   Diamond

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Braid1 (2)

Desired Color:


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