If you should need a hard copy of our Catalog, we have supplied you with an Adobe file that contains many of our wonderful items. Just mouse over the catalog to the right and click to begin Downloading. Please note that this web site many more items than the printable version, so please check it regularly!

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     Authentic Wardrobe is pleased to present our online clothing store. If you have seen us at one of the many Renaissance Festivals we attend or if you already own one of our creations, you know of our quality of our workmanship.

       Please take the time to review our POLICIES, They will seem overstated, this was done in an attempt to be perfectly clear.  Here you will find all of these items and some you may not have seen before! As always, we value your comments, ideas and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries by clicking on the sealed letter at the border.

What's NEW!!!  the FEMALE Musketeer.

Options and more options!

  We have updated many of the drop down menus on the site to include long awaited color combo options.  most notable are the Black Prince and the Famous Necromancer.  After several seasons of our costumers requesting the ability to customize their outfits on line instead of having to order custom through one of our many shop around the country, we have decided to yield to the request and have add the proper menus. 

We hope the additions we have made assist in your online experience with us!

     We have just added the NEW female Musketeer! Our customers have been asking for a female version of the Iron Mask Musketeer for many years, it has been a long process but we feel we have developed a design that is very


complimenting to the female form. Please feel free to review it on our Musketeers page and we look forward to adding meny more high quality, tailored outfits for woman. coming shorty should be our Female Pirate frock

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